Cam Girl New Year congratulations

Cam Girl New Years Resolutions

Cam Girl New Year congratulations

With each new year comes new resolutions… or maybe the same ones that you promised to follow last time. Sometimes it’s exciting to see what other people are making their New Year resolutions and so we asked your favorite cam girls what they’re expecting and working towards in the New Year and this is what we got…

evesix says:
“1) Take time out for me regularly and cross some things off my bucket list

2) complete my cam room project-dedicated room to cam in.
3) upgrade equipment and props for my shows .
4) Launch a fansite”

giannaValentine says:

“Make more money…get in better shape..have more sex”


“Finish my degree for one.”


“New Years’ Resolutions…  I am trying to eat healthy meals more regularly (I just made a salad on cam!) and exercise, just overall be more healthy.”

tiaCastillo says:

“My new year’s resolutions as a cam model is to become more successful  and gain more social media followers and get a bigger client base.”

What’s amazing about most of these resolutions is that you can help many of them. Support cam girls by watching them and paying them tokens if they do something that you like. We’re all working on getting somewhere and if we all took time to appreciate the good things we would make it so much further.

Congrats to these sexy girls for making goals. Chat with them and be sure to check in to see if they’re holding up their resolutions. They would love to hear from you and who knows maybe make your New Year’s resolutions to support more cam models.

Our resolution is to bring you more sexy live cam shows and we will make good on that one. Watch all our new cam models coming in, read the latest news here on our blog and stop by to watch leading porn stars with our free weekly cam events. We’re striving hard to bring you the hottest ladies on the web, completely live and only at OnWebcam

Have any suggestions of what we can do or want to share your resolutions? Feel free to shoot us a message on Twitter @veocam


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